In the News

  1. Interview on InCommon Podcast, 6 September, 2022: Sacred Groves (Or Commons with A Difference). Listen on Apple Podcasts here and YouTube here
  2. Covered and quoted by Landscape News, 7 April, 2022: How sacred groves protect deities, culture and biodiversity.
  3. Profile feature and interview by Forbes, 25 December, 2021: This Nigerian Studies How to Save Sacred Forests and Their Monkeys.

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Peer-Reviewed Journals, Book chapters & Conference Paper

  1. Adeyanju, S., Bulkan, J., Onyekwelu J. C., Peterson St-Laurent, G., Kozak, R., Sunderland, T., Stimm, B. (2022). Drivers of biodiversity conservation in sacred groves: A comparative study of three sacred groves in South-west Nigeria. International Journal of the Commons, 16(1), 94–107. DOI:

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Research-Based Op-Eds

  1. Adeyanju, S., O’connor, A., (2022) Replacing short-term projects with long-term processes: Lessons learned from CBNRM in Ghana and Zambia. Forest News.


  1. Adeyanju, S. (2021). An Analysis of Students’ Perception of University Sustainability Programs and Image. Preprints, 202107057 PDF.

Other Writings

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